Saturday, July 6, 2013

Unit 13 lớp 12

The first newspaper article:
Only amnat won a gold in the Southeast Asian Games Pole Vaulting yesterday. Nobody else could clear the bar. While he was the only one who stood alone on the podium, Amnat was among the Thai athletes who won 10 gold medals in early events yesterday. He won the gold in the Pole vaulting Final after clearing 4.80 m . Meanwhile four other pole-vaulters missed their attempts at the heights ranging from 4.40m to 4.80m. Amnat has proved a lonely winner in this event, but his points were still below the SEA Games record of 5.05m.
The first newspaper article:
The Vietnamese Milk Company (Vinamilk) has offered jobs to the 27 members of vietnam’s Wonem’s Football Team after they won the Games’ second title. Perhaps they are going to be milkmaids when they retire. It is not an odd proposal because the majority of the footballers will become unemployed when the Games are over. And they now have to struggle to make ends meet. Vinamilk has promised to train their new employees as soon as the deal is signed. The goalkeeper of Vietnam’s Women’s Football Team is dreaming to run a cafe after doctors have said her injuries would stop her from playing ever again. At the moment, she is short of money, so the Vinamilk offer looks tempting to her.

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